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What is RiskAudit?

RiskAudit app is a mobile-based mapping and risk assessment tool for specific fire objects. The system takes into account the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency’s guidelines and “Fire Prevention Regulations – from 01.01.2016”.

It is easy to use and no previous computer knowledge is required.

(Norway is a world-leading country in the work on the prevention and assessment of fire risk with one of the most modern law regulations for this purpose.)

How does it work?

The objects’ fire engineering installations, HSE and other relevant conditions are assessed quickly and easily and are weighted in relation to the total fire protection. This gives a risk-score that shows the building’s fire state, and provides a comprehensive risk image that is easy to followup.

A future-proof solution for the everyday problems of the municipality's fire stations

We focus on sustainable solutions that everyone can use and afford - both large and small municipalities.

Risk assessment of special fire objects

Our risk assessment module helps firefighters to evaluate their objects in a accurate, simple and systematic manner.

Digital supervision

Our audit solution will generate deviation-reports completely digitally where homeowners and users gets verified with signature and photoID

Safe home platform

This module is a collaborative tool for municipal service providers regarding fire safety for vulnerable groups.

RiskAudit is a solution to the challenges described in DSB's published guide

RiskAudit takes into account DSB’s guidelines. Through the use of statistics, frequency analysis and sorting, in accordance with the new preventive regulations and instructional guidelines.
Some examples of what the system resolves

  • § 14. Mapping of city the fire-risk
  • § 15. Planning of preventive work
  • § 18 Risk-based supervision
  • § 22 Municipality documentation

Access rights, logs, audit trails, encryption and secure server hold are some of the most important things for a modern IT system.

Our development team with a long history in the banking sector have had all this in addition to ease of use in 100% focus during the process of making RiskAudit.

Advanced access permissions

The product supports different roles across the organization with custom access control.

Complete audit trail

Audit trails allows complete visibility of changes to objects, reports, and documents.

REST API with latest industry standard

Our modern high security REST API (oAuth2) enables integration with existing systems

Available on all devices

The user experience in focus

With this in mind, we have created a very user-friendly product that does not require any prior knowledge to use. That is why RiskAudit has managed to challenge the established companies and grow rapidly to become one of the major players in the market in risk assessment. Do you want a tool that makes you and your colleagues happy to go to work?

Finally paperless fire department

Get detailed reports instantly

Detailed inspection reports are generated automatically when an inspection is done, containing all object data, addresses, photos, audit trails and much more. With automatically generated reports, you get real-time insights into what’s happening in the field without anyone having to write a single inspection report again. In agreement with § 22 municipality documentation.

Create a new object with all matric data in a moment

We have created a super smart integration to the land register to obtain all the data a fire service needs on their objects. You only need to enter an address and everything else happens only by itself. You are finally able to get complete item cards on all your objects with updated and correct data – at any time! This requires us to access your user account (and API) at the municipality’s data center.

Fire protection is in everyone's interest

Take advantage of other people's experiences

You do not need to invent the wheel again! The whole idea behind RiskAudit is that all firefighters can help and strengthen each other’s working methods and solutions for better fire protection. With our unique and advanced sharing features, all firefighters can share each other’s experiences and get inspiration from other firefighters to find the best solutions.

Register your organization today
Get 30 days full access when you create an account, after which you can use limited version for free forever or possibly upgrade to a suitable subscription